1952 - Rescue Mission of El Paso was organized by Mr. H. M. Wallis  and located at 602 N. Oregon St. 

1956 - Glenn Cuddeford bought the Mission property and expanded it operation to community-wide.

1958 - Green Tree Inn Hotel at 604 San Francisco St. became home to the Rescue Mission

1964 - Bristol Hotel, next door to the existing location, was purchased and the Mission was expanded into that building

1986 - Rescue Mission moved to 1949 W. Paisano Dr. after the purchase of the Centro Vida church property

2016 - Rescue Mission moved to a new facility at 221 N. Lee Street after Texas DOT relocation

Our Volunteer Coordinator is always looking for volunteers to help around our facility. Email Jenny at volunteer@rmelp.org to schedule your time to help.

Fall 2016
We moved into a brand new facility at 221 N. Lee Street.

Blake Barrow answered the call of God to leave a successful career as a trial lawyer and run the Rescue Mission of El Paso.

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What Do We DO?

The Rescue Mission first and foremost acts as an emergency shelter for anyone experiencing homelessness. We work with the El Paso Coalition for the Homeless to make sure that needs are met across the city. 

The Mission also provides three fresh meals each day, showers and laundry facilities, job search help, counseling and bible study classes.

The Rescue Mission is completely supported by donors like you. Without your support we would not be able to continue to provide services to our community in El Paso. 

                                          ​I will be the first to tell you that I still
​                                          do not know everything about how to
                                          run a Rescue Mission. Moses protested that he could not speak well and was not the person to approach Pharoah. There is a lesson here that God is able to use us in the areas where we think we are the weakest, if we allow God to work through us.

As I now look back upon all of the events in my life, I can recognize that each one was God preparing me for the highest calling imaginable- proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the poor. Sometimes I use my mouth, but most of my preaching is with my hands.

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