We serve over 300 meals a day.

Did you know you can provide a meal for just $1.50?

Get help

Need a place to stay, or a meal? Please contact us at (915) 532-2575 or come to our location at 221 N Lee St.

Special Services

Our facility is open to the public from 8am-7pm and someone is always at the front desk to assist people with their needs. We opened our main building in September of 2016 and are blessed by all that it offers to our community.​​

Our Services 

Corner of hope​

A safe place to grab a bite to eat, do laundry, shower, and escape the heat is provided at 130 N Cotton St. 

Need a home?

Relapse prevention​

This is our 13 week faith-based program which addresses bio-psycho-social-spiritual concepts in recovery. 


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Want to give out information to people in need? Here are our brochures:

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The Rescue Mission is a primarily a shelter for those who are homeless. We provide a wide varieties of services for our residents because there are so many facets of life that need attention and care. 

Overall we can house 193 people at a time, and we average 130 people per night. Each section of our building hosts people with specific needs. We house men, single women, families, those with medical needs, low income renters, and those going through our Relapse Prevention Program. As a Mission we strive to provide a family friendly environment that allows our residents to feel the love of God in all that we do. 

When residents come in we meet their physical needs by providing a home, three meals a day, clothing, laundry facilities, and basic needs like toiletries. However, we offer a lot more than just this. We also ask our residents to meet with one of our social workers, our nurse, our chaplain, and our job search coordinator. By doing this we help our residents meet their specific needs. Such as first getting a license, then glasses, and finally searching for a job that will be a good fit. 

We also provide social activities for our residents. Our chaplain along with other pastors host Bible studies through the week that our residents and community members are welcome to come to. Volunteers also host different activities like game nights, movie nights, art nights, and festivals for our residents that bring joy and laughter. It is truly a blessing to see the hope built up in our residents during these events.