"With everything that was happening I felt a sense of hopelessness and disappointment with the unity of the church.  The Rescue Mission has a continuous influx of caring volunteers, a generous staff, and a positive message that exemplifies what I had been searching for.  The Rescue Mission showed me that there are individuals who practice what they preach.  Through this I became encouraged to become more involved in my community and make my life a living testimony, instead of relying on a spiritual checklist."

-Hope L 

My daughter and I went to the Rescue Mission for the first time to volunteer for Thanksgiving (2016).  We were scheduled from approximately from 10:00 am-12 noon.  Around 11:50 am, my daughter said "I want to stay until they are done."  I responded "Fine, whatever you would like to do; but you will not have Thanksgiving dinner because I have to pick up the dinner order by 2:45 pm."  My daughter's response was "I don't need Thanksgiving dinner, I need to be here."  My daughter and I left the Rescue Mission around 6:00 pm Thanksgiving Day.  My daughter has continually volunteered in 2017.  I accompany her and assist where needed.  The "team" at the Rescue Mission are angels and I look forward to the days I know my daughter is volunteering.  The warmth, passion and sincerity that the team displays to all that walk onto their premises is heartwarming.  I wish my daughter and I had begun this beautiful journey with the Rescue Mission years ago."

-Mom of a teenager

I enjoy working at the Mission because it gives me an opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives and to share Christ with them. I take pleasure in helping people succeed in their quest to overcome addictions and homelessness. I genuinely love to help the people in need.

Bobby Valdiviez, Case Manager

In the time I’ve been employed at the Mission I’ve been very humbled. I see things that my family & I take for granted. I see how fortunate I am. I enjoy coming to work for many reasons. My co-workers are great people with big hearts, & while we all work towards the same goal to help the needy, at the same time it helps us.

Connie Quarles, Business Manager


What our volunteers say:

Have you ever wondered who actually comes to the Rescue Mission? Do you find yourself thinking of one particular person that you happen to see on your drive around town?

The Recue Mission provides HOPE to:
Women                                Men                          Children                
Full Time Workers        Former Addicts              Veterans 
PhD Graduates             Missionaries                 Hospice Patients    
Elderly                           Recent Divorcees          Newlyweds

Each story is different and we are proud to be a safe refuge for HOPE when our neighbors are experiencing need.

Alfredo is one of our newest staff members at the Mission. He struggled with drugs and alcohol when grieving the loss of members to cancer and murder. He came to the mission after an extensive rehab program and quickly stood out to our staff because he was always going above and beyond. He would volunteer for bathroom duty and be proactive about cleaning up spills. He says "I wanted to show my appreciation to the Mission and that's why I would go above and beyond what was expected of me." He has been sober for two years this month and plans on staying at working at the Mission. He hopes to rent a room upstairs because it is a stable environment and allows him to give back.

Mark was working in Dallas at a great job, but he was a functioning alcoholic. Within one month, he lost his car, his home and his job. With nowhere to turn, he became homeless.  For a year, he stayed in a shelter in Dallas. It was very lonely, disappointing and frustrating. When he was invited to a detox facility and to Ranch on the Rock, he jumped at the chance to change his life.  "When people ask how I came to be in El Paso, I can only say because of God. My perspective on life has changed. I don't want money anymore. I care about life, and God.."
Mark now works at a downtown hotel in the kitchen and even got to work on the line last week. He says " Drinking alcohol is a choice, a temporary solution that makes the problems worse. Now when I get stressed I pray about everything. I can't do it all by myself".
Mark also helps with Hallelujah! BBQ when he can and is saving up money for a bike so he can get to work faster and more safely.



What our staff says:

I am eternally grateful to the Rescue Mission. It has saved my life by providing the Relapse Prevention Program and giving me the tools to survive in the real world. The biggest gift of all was the love they showed me and teaching me to love myself. Now I am able to give that back and help others.

Darlene Domingue,  Case Manager