​​Have questions? Browse through our FAQ to take a look at our answers to common volunteer questions. Please click HERE for our complete volunteer rules and expectations. 


Q: Where is the Rescue Mission of El Paso located? 

A: 221 N. Lee Street by the corner of Cotton and Magoffin. Please see

our map to the right as a reference. If you are still unsure and need

directions, please call the front desk or ask the Volunteer Coordinator

at the time of scheduling.  

Q: Do you need any volunteers? 

A: Yes! Every day! There are many projects that volunteers can work on. Please schedule with the Volunteer Coordinator so you can get the appointment that works best for you.

Q: Where do I show up for my first appointment? 

A: You will first show up to our front desk in Building A to sing-in and fill out an information sheet. For all following appointments, you will need to sing-in, but you will not need to fill out another information sheet. After your sheet is filled out, you will report to your particular project. 

Q: Am I allowed to talk to residents? 

A: Of course! We encourage our volunteer to interact with our residents. Please be mindful, however, that this is their living space. Please show our residents the same respect you would expect if they were in your living space.  


Q: How do I schedule an appointment? 

A: You schedule an appointment by contacting the Volunteer Coordinator to set a volunteer time and project. Appointments can only be set by contacting the Coordinator. You can contact her by email at volunteer@rmelp.org or by the form on our volunteer page. 

Q: What if I don't make an appointment, but I show up to the Rescue Mission to volunteer? 

A: Unfortunately, due to our past experiences and the best interests of our residents and staff, volunteers that fail to schedule an appointment may be asked to leave and officially schedule an appointment with the coordinator. We are sorry for this inconvenience. Please avoid this happening, and make sure to schedule an appointment. 

Q: What if I have had an appointment in the past, so I show up to volunteer at the time I normally do but I have not scheduled an appointment? 

A: Unfortunately, due to our past experiences and the best interests of our residents and staff, volunteers that fail to schedule an appointment may be asked to leave and officially schedule an appointment with the coordinator. If you desire to make a standing appointment that repeats, please let the coordinator know at the time of scheduling. If you are unsure if you rescheduled, please call the front desk or contact the coordinator. 

Q: What if I need to change my appointment or there is an emergency and I cannot make my appointment? 

A: We understand things happen, and the plans that man makes aren't always in accordance with those of God. Simply let the volunteer coordinator know at least 48 hours ahead of your scheduled appointment. If your appointment is less than 24 hours away, please call 915-532-2575 and let them know you will be unable to make your appointment. 

Q: I have tried to schedule by phone, but I have not been able to reach the coordinator. What should I do? 

A:The Volunteer Coordinator is often away from her desk helping volunteers, working with residents, developing projects, etc. Please make sure to leave her a voice mail. The Volunteer Coordinator will do her best to return your message as soon as possible. When you leave a message, please include your name and call back number. You may also email the coordinator at volunteer@rmelp.org. Usually, email is the best way to reach the coordinator. 

Q: What if I have a very busy schedule, but still want to volunteer some of my time? 

A: We can still use your help! There are various projects that you can complete from home or help with in what little spare time you may have. Please contact the coordinator about these projects. People who are seeking community service are not eligible for these projects. 


Q: What qualifies as a volunteer group? 

A: Any group with 5 or more people is considered a 'group' and must follow our group scheduling protocol. 

Q: What is your group scheduling protocol? 

A: It's not much different from the steps to volunteer found on our volunteer page. In addition to the normal volunteer protocol, groups must schedule at least 3 weeks ahead of time, have a specific project to work on (the coordinator will help with this), confirm the amount of people in their group, and confirm the ages of their group. It takes longer to schedule groups and develop a project, so the main thing to remember is the earlier the better! 

Q: I have a group, but I'd like to schedule within the next 3 weeks. Will you still need us? 

A: We always do our best to accommodate all scenarios. Contact the coordinator ASAP and she will do her best to schedule you. However, please be aware that with such short notice, you may have to ask your group to volunteer at a different date at least 3 weeks out. 

Q: What if I have young children in my group? 

A: We love to have children volunteer with us and see how easy it is to make a difference in their community. We welcome children with open arms; however, in the interest of the children's safety, we do not accept volunteers younger than the age of 5. Moreover, some volunteer projects are not suited for children, and so your group's age is crucial information to share with the coordinator. Also, any group with children between the ages of 5-18 years old must have at least one volunteering adult for every 5 children present supervising. 

Q: What would qualify as 'too large' a group? 

A: Well, it really depends on the project that you would be completing. Different projects necessitate different group sizes. As a general rule of thumb, a group larger than 40 would not be in the best interest for our residents or staff. 


Q: What sort of projects are available at the Rescue Mission of El Paso? 

A: There are all kinds of projects available at the Rescue Mission of El Paso! Our residents and staff all have very different needs, and you would be amazed at the skills or experience that could be of use to our organization. Our needs are always changing; if you want to know our current available projects, please contact the Coordinator. As a general rule, we almost always will need help in our kitchen or with facility maintenance. 

Q: I have an idea. What do I have to do to develop my project idea? 

A: Awesome! We love when volunteers come to us with new and exciting ways to better serve our residents. Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator with your idea, and she will work with you to develop it. Keep in mind, this may take some time. 

Q: How can I help with your church services, bible studies, worship, etc? 

A: We are very blessed to be one body united under Christ, and we are very thankful for people who are willing to help us minister to our residents spiritually. However, such projects must first be developed, scheduled, organized, etc. with our Chaplain, Murray Van Gundy, who can be reached at m.vangundy@rmelp.org. 

Q: What sort of projects do you need the most help with? 

A: We have several projects that require both volunteer service as well as the donation of materials. If you, or your group, is interested in a project that would additionally require the input of supplies, please contact our Coordinator for available projects. 

Community Service 

Q: What do I do if I need community service? 

A: Contact the Volunteer Coordinator! When you contact her, please let her know how many hours you need to complete an what your deadline is. She will schedule you so that you can complete all your hours assuming you show up to all your appointments. If you miss one of your originally scheduled appointments, you are expected to contact the Coordinator to reschedule those hours; she will not automatically reschedule you.  Make sure to sign-in at the front desk for every appointment. Make sure to have an hours sheet signed for every appointment. These are both steps taken to hold yourself and the mission accountable for any hours you are claiming to have completed. 

Q: What if I don't have a form to track my hours? 

A: We have forms you may use here at the mission. Just ask! 

Q: Can I donate items and count them as hours? 

A: No. If you are claiming to have completed community service hours, we expect you to complete those said hours. 

Q: Can you fax my hours where they need to go? 

A: Of course. Let us know with plenty of time the name of who your hours would be sent to, their title, phone number, and of course, their fax number. 

Q: Can you help me if I have a lot of hours to complete in a short amount of time? 

A: We will try our best to help you earn your hours. However, we cannot guarantee there will be available volunteer slots sufficient for your hour needs. 

Any Other Questions? 

Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@rmelp.org

Volunteer FAQ