Volunteer Orientation 

Please feel free to email our Community Engagement Coordinator at volunteer@rmelp.org for any questions you may have regarding volunteering. 

If you are interested in volunteering at the Rescue Mission of El Paso, but would like some more information before you schedule an appointment, we would love to see you at our new Volunteer Orientation! Please RSVP to orientation by using the form on the right. See the calendar on the right for available dates.  

This is a general volunteer orientation and is NOT mandatory for someone to volunteer with us.

Some specialized volunteer projects have their own orientations that must be completed before volunteering. Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator for more information on these particular projects.


Who should attend volunteer orientation? 

  • Leaders of Volunteer Groups 
  • School Administrators
  • Special Interest Volunteers
  • Repeating Volunteers
  • People looking to complete community service
  • Anyone who would like to know more about volunteering!!  

What will be covered in orientation?

  • How to schedule an appointment
  • Available projects, including special interest projects
  • A brief history of the mission and our purpose 
  • Protocol for group and community service volunteers
  • A tour of the new facility 
  • ​Additionally, any questions you have can be answered, and if you're ready, you can be scheduled on site! 

When and where will orientation be?

  • Volunteer Orientation will start at 2:30pm 
  • Volunteer Orientation will be held in our chapel at the 221 N. Lee property.

What do I need to do to attend Volunteer Orientation?

  • RSVP using the form to the right for the month you would like to attend orientation, and then show up! It's that simple! 


Click the button below to schedule a time to volunteer with the Rescue Mission of El Paso!

 Remember, Volunteer Orientation is optional, and not required for a person to volunteer. 

Volunteer Orientation RSVP